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ESA Ship Management ltd is an ESA Agency which operates according to international standards in order to provide comprehensive ship management.

ESA’s activities are aimed at maximizing operational efficiency as well as physical condition of ships whilst conforming to all prerequisites set by relevant Authorities.

ESA Ship management born in Malta in 2013 but started being operative in the Mediterranean island in December 2015, in the capital city of Valletta and it ensures a comprehensive, professional service.  The qualified individual in the office know how to exploit their experience and expertise when it comes to providing the best in ship’s management.

Documents of Compliance


Nicholas Tavanti
Nicholas TavantiDPA/CSO/QHSEE Manager
Master Mariner mostly in HSC Ro-Ro Pax, Nicholas built his experience both on board and in the technical office as marine superintendent, giving him the possibility, when necessary, to understand all the aspect of the maritime industry. Working for several years as FSI/PSI in a leading European Administration, help him building a good knowledge of Rules & Regulation.
Nikolay Yanakiev
Nikolay YanakievTechnical Superintendent
His experience as chief engineer gives him the capability to tackle the day-to-day work and the demands regularly received from each vessel. Working also as technical superintendent in other company add the additional knowledge always necessary to fulfil the requirement of his position.
Joceline Schembri
Joceline SchembriOffice secretary / Purchaser
Her young age does not stop her from handling on daily basis the purchasing department and to assist the other members of the team with day-to-day work in the office.