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Our Company is committed to provide a good ship management service that meet and exceed the safety, environmental and energy efficiency requirement in today’s standards; we are also ready to provide a service that goes above our customer expectations.
The service will be conducted in a manner to protect, at all time, the human life and the environment by setting the goal of ZERO incident / accident and ZERO pollution.
Our VISION for the future is to grown continuously and always being a step ahead. Furthermore we commit ourselves to give our client the best service possible.


The day-to-day operations are governed by the Company Policy. This policy endeavors to ensure that all the operations are carried out in a manner which:

  • Ensures the protection of human life, safety, health and welfare of employees and other people affected by Company’s activities;
  • Gives due regards to the protection and preservation of the environment; the energy efficiency achievement, the fuel consumption and the environmental impact reduction are part of this policy and they are included in the goals the Company intends to achieve;
  • Complies with, or exceeds, all relevant international, national and local laws & regulations which relate to health, safety and protection of the environment;
  • Ensures that commercial or economic factors shall not take influence over matter relating to health, safety or environmental protection and the first ones shall never have priority over the second ones;
  • All identified risks to ships, personnel (on board & ashore) and environment are assessed and appropriate safeguards are established with the purpose to avoid accidents;
  • Continuous improvement of personnel skills in both Company and on board;
  • The preparation for emergency is one of the main objective;
  • Strict No drugs & alcohol policy is in force on board for any crew member. The Company applies zero tolerance on this matter;
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Through regular safety Bulletin we commit ourselves to keep our crew informed with the latest information regarding safety and Regulation



Through specific information we keep our fleet informed about the outcome of every inspection carried out on board in order to be always a step ahead in future inspection.

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As requested by our procedure regular Circular letter are sent on board in order to inform, without any delay, useful information concerning Technical, Safety and operational matters